Poonie's Cabaret: POST-Q Part II

Poonie's Cabaret: POST-Q Part II

Sun, November 22, 2015

7:00 pm

Links Hall

Chicago, IL

$5.00 - $10.00

Poonie's Cabaret: POST-Q Part II
Poonie's Cabaret: POST-Q Part II
“Poonie's Cabaret is Links Hall's risk-taking tri-annual performance cabaret of "the edgiest performers in Chicago, both up-and-coming and veteran” (Think Pink Radio).

Donation supports the Duncan Erley Coming Out of the Closet Fund for artists whose work explores the realms of healing, gay activism and spiritual and sexual transformation.

Post Q is Not a Dance Show (This is why you should see it anyway)
April 2015 - Lauren Warnecke

"Post Q is art. Performance art. Actually, it’s great performance art! But one must approach a performance like this knowing that it will be unfiltered, challenging, and you might not agree with everything. Communities of artists are not exactly democracies, but there’s room for everyone. That is never clearer than when attending Post Q."

Joseph R. Varisco is the Founder and Creative Director of JRV MAJESTY Productions, Director of Development at The Inconvenience, co-curator at Salonathon, and Resident Curator for Poonie's Cabaret at Links Hall. He is currently working on the development of a mentorship program for LGBTQIA & Gender Non-Conforming emerging artists in Chicago via High Concept Laboratories Institutional Incubation Residency.

As an independent curator and producer Varisco has spent the last few years in Chicago working with over 1500 LGBTQIA & GNC artists, organizations, and communities to produce original works and independent projects such as performance series, (QUEER, ILL, & OKAY), literary collections (CHICAGO IRL), oral history (QUEER LEXICON), live performance events (Salonathon: LEXICA), and educational workshops (QUEER WERK). Additionally, Varisco's work has been recognized in the national exhibit Strange Bedfellows (2013-2014), as a featured artist for THAW (2015), and presenting speaker for the Center on Halsted's World AIDS Day Conference (2013).
Venue Information:
Links Hall
3111 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60618