Doug Perkins & Karl Larson

Frequency Series presents

Doug Perkins & Karl Larson

Sun, June 10, 2018

8:30 pm


Chicago, IL

$10.00 - $15.00

This event is 18 and over

Doug Perkins & Karl Larson
Doug Perkins & Karl Larson
Percussionist Doug Perkins and pianist Karl Larson celebrate the release of composer Robert Honstein’s second album ‘An Economy of Means’ (New Focus Recordings). Featuring two large works - An Economy of Means for prepared vibraphone and Grand Tour for piano - the album represents years of close collaboration between Honstein, Perkins and Larson, with each piece an outgrowth of their deep musical and personal relationships. This is music of both spareness and abundance exploring inspiration through limitation and ambitious scale through economical means. Made to order for Perkins and Larson, the pair bring their fierce musicality and unwavering commitment to these challenging works. Robert Honstein is a New York based composer working across many genres. Drawing from a wide range of inspiration, his music builds distinctive narratives from simple materials, charting rich emotional territory through extended forms, rhythmic drive, and a sharp attention to detail. Upcoming projects include a concerto for Collin Currie and the Albany Symphony, and works for Third Angle New Music and percussionist Michael Compitello.

About Doug:
“terrific, wide-awake and strikingly entertaining” - The Boston Globe
“percussion virtuoso ” - New York Times.

About Karl:
Karl's recording of "Restless," an album of new music by Ken Thomson praised as ‘marvelous’ and ‘powerful’ by Pitchfork

About Robert:
“And yet, what is truly remarkable about his technique is how little he has to do. If I may paraphrase a quote attributed to Ravel, Honstein seems to have found complexity by eschewing complicatedness.” - The Artificialist

“meditative, transparent weave of sounds.” - NPR Music
Venue Information:
3111 N. Western
Chicago, IL, 60618