Split Bill: Recycle Renew Release |  hybrid memory

Split Bill: Recycle Renew Release | hybrid memory

Anthony Williams, slowdanger (Anna Thompson & Taylor Knight)

Fri, May 18, 2018

7:00 pm

Links Hall

Chicago, IL


Recycle Renew Release investigates the impact of cultural displacement behind the practices of gentrification. What happens when plentiful job opportunities emerge into urban districts, and corporations flock to once undesirable neighborhoods? How does the makeup and character of a neighborhood change? Is there a reduced sense of belonging, or feeling out of place for the residents that remain?  

‘hybrid memory’ is a composite of two pre-existing duets from slowdanger’s ‘memory 4’ and ‘TETHER’. The work examines the hypothetical concepts of engrams, or memory traces, and the claim that the brain simultaneously stores two versions of each event; one for long term memory and one for short. ‘hybrid memory’ fuses several theatrical elements (including LED light) to generate an evocative performance landscape of fragmented memory. 

Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams, a Chicago native, dancer, choreographer, and educator. As a dancer, he has worked with Attack Theater (Pgh). He has performed with Congo Square Theater Company (Chicago), Staycee Pearl dance project (Pgh), Texture Contemporary Ballet (Pgh) August Wilson Center Dance Ensemble (Pgh), and Deeply Rooted Dance Theater (Chicago). As a choreographer, he has created original works for Carnegie Mellon University’s Infra Dance Company, Reed Dance, Hope Academy, Boom Concepts, Point Park University, and Dreams of Hope.

Williams explains: "My work emerges through dance and theater, inspired by the dynamic histories of the African Diaspora. It explores the psychological complexities and nuances of displaced voices, popular culture, queer identities, and the social conditioned for African Americans. My work has often been described as an emotionally driven conceptual art form. My process begins with chiseling away at narratives historically inscribed on people of color, and forges imaginative spaces for radical possibilities and visions. I use images and text as a political gesture so that I can create physical gestures through movement. My work conceptually occupies the space between the collective consciousness and my own personal beliefs. I am most passionate about creating work that inspires, moves, and affects the perspectives of my audience."
slowdanger (Anna Thompson & Taylor Knight)
slowdanger (Anna Thompson & Taylor Knight)
Multidisciplinary performance duo Anna Thompson & Taylor Knight - slowdanger - fuse sound and movement through improvised contemporary and postmodern dance frameworks. "We use found material, electronic instrumentation, vocalization, physiological centering, and ontological examination to produce performance works. The more we engage in this collaborative work, the more we recognize the manifestation of our work as a non-binary entity that is one body amassed of multiple bodies in space. We work with an engaged and deepened understanding of energy, synergy, action, gender, time, and storytelling. slowdanger is an organism that uses performance and collaboration as ritual practice to delve into circular life patterning such as effort, transformation, and death."

"Our work has been featured in venues ranging from proscenium theater and gallery, to nightclub and dive bar. From directing music videos to scoring plays, we transform our shape to adapt to a variety of different containers."...

slowdanger is one of Dance Magazine’s 2018 ‘25 to Watch’ and emerging choreographers for Springboard Danse Montreal 2018. Residencies and awards include The Opportunity Fund 2017, Heinz Endowments Small Arts Initiative 2016, Sidra Bell Dance New York’s MODULE Guest Artist in Residence 2018, PearlArt Studio’s Pearl Diving Movement Residency 2017, The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh’s F.I.N.E. Residency 2016, The New Hazlett Theater’s CSA Series 2016, City Theatre’s Belfry Artist Series 2016, and The Kelly-Strayhorn Theater’s FreshWorks Residency 2015. They have presented at the VIA festival, The Andy Warhol Museum, The Carnegie Museum of Art, theCURRENTSESSIONS, Hot Mass, The Pittsburgh Biennial, and BAAD.
Venue Information:
Links Hall
3111 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60618