Sam Virgilio, Blue Fire Dance Collective, Purple Stitch

Sun, September 17, 2017

7:00 pm

Links Hall

Chicago, IL


Nothing about humanity is binary. We are complex creatures, forever dancing on a spectrum. Spectrum is an artistic collaboration between movement, theatre, and visual artists which explores the complex reality of those living with mental or physical characteristics that are deemed by society as 'abnormal.' Each artist uses their own experience of existing within the concept of a spectrum in order to open a dialogue with other artists from varying backgrounds.

Spectrum works to bring the beauty of a mind that is never docile, a mind that does not match the status quo, into visual and physical manifestation.

Sam Virgilio
Sam Virgilio
Samantha Virgilio is a dancer, choreographer, producer, and improviser whose work combines a variety of movement vocabulary, circus arts, visual art, and phycology as a means of exploring the concepts of surrealism, queerness, and the mysteries of the human mental state. Sam is also the founder and producer of Blue Fire Dance Collective and the Trapping Butterflies Project.
Blue Fire Dance Collective
Blue Fire Dance Collective is an arts initiative that provides the community with affordable and innovative artistic experiences and strives to open new outlets of communication between artistic mediums. Blue Fire promotes art as an adventure of passion and nurtures the vital relationship between artists and their community. Our performances tell familiar stories in unfamiliar ways, in an effort to open up a dialogue between artists and audience about subjects that are often left out of the everyday social conversation. Blue Fire asks its audiences, ensemble, and community to open their minds to what art can be by venturing outside their comfort zone.
Purple Stitch
Purple Stitch is a visual artist based out of Chicago, IL whose work focuses around the abstract expression of consciousness as colored by his experiences with Autism. His work mixes artistic mediums, plays with the concept of light and distortion, and often works in collaboration with movement and physical artists to develop his aesthetic. Spectrum is his Chicago debut, and he is very excited to share his work with the Chicago community.
Venue Information:
Links Hall
3111 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60618