Ayako Kato's Co-MISSION Fellowship Premiere

Ayako Kato's Co-MISSION Fellowship Premiere

Fri, February 16, 2018

7:00 pm

Links Hall

Chicago, IL

$10-$15 online, $17 door

This project has been made possible in part through the support of the Links Hall Commissioning Collective, and with contributions from 3Arts and individual donors as part of a 3AP (3Arts Projects) campaign.

Please visit www.3arts.org/projects/stuck-anchor/ to see video and more details about the work.

Co-MISSIONS Fellowship Showcase
Two Co-MISSION Fellows are selected annually by Links Hall's Programing Committee. These commissions are the highest dollar and resource awards offered by Links Hall annually. They are granted to individual artists who are based in Chicago and have received significant recognition and/or accolades for their creative work over the course of their careers. The program is specifically designed to partner with established artists who have already completed the initial research and development phase of a new work and are looking for intensive support around the completion and premiere of a new project.

Made possible in part through the support of the Links Hall Commissioning Collective.
Ayako Kato
Ayako Kato
stück 1998 / anchor 2018

Reflecting upon choreographer Ayako Kato’s long history of groundbreaking collaborations with contemporary musicians, Art Union Humanscape has entered into a partnership with Swiss Wandelweiser composer Manfred Werder to kick off the company's 20th anniversary season. Working with a dancer, two musicians, and a singer/dancer Kato will embody 30 pages of Werder’s 4000-page score stück 1998. As the score is only allowed to be performed once, Kato will offer four different evenings of content, each evening presenting a new segment of Werder’s composition and a new approach to it’s embodied interpretation.
To prepare the audience mentally and emotionally for the meditative experience of stück 1998 / anchor 2018 and bring them into the rhythm of the work, each performance begins with an opening ceremony. Flower essence and herbal tea blended by urban ecologist Nance Klehm will be served.
Please visit www.artunionhumanscape.net for more details.

Ayako Kato is an award-winning Japanese native and Chicago-based dancer, choreographer, improviser, teacher, and curator. Influenced by a Japanese view of nature and the philosophy of Tao, Ayako's dance movement encourages to perceive the intangible, the beauty of being as it is, which affirms and nurtures the ephemeral nature and dignity of life. In 2016, she received a 3Arts Award in Dance. She performed her works recently at venues/festivals such as 3Klang Tage, Switzerland; DOEK, Amsterdam, Holland; the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, New Haven, CT; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; SpinOff Festival, Chicago Cultural Center. In Summer 2016, Ayako participated in the Regional Dance Development Initiative (RDDI) of its National Dance Project (NDP) funded by the New England Foundation for the Arts with the Chicago Dancemakers Forum (CDF), and also performed blue fish -reveal- in Tabito Arts Meeting Festival in Fukushima, Japan. Her recent group work The Incidents was selected for the Best of Dance 2014 in Chicago Tribune. Since 2010, Ayako has been an artist in residence at the Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theater under Chicago Moving Company’s Dance Shelter Program.

Reflecting upon her collaboration history with music in the past 20 years, Ayako will actualize a part (30 pages) of a 4000-page score stück 1998 written by Swiss Wandelweiser composer Manfred Werder through movement along with dancers, musicians, and a singer. Since the score is allowed to be performed only once, each day, Ayako will present different contents, seeking out what true independence and equality mean as a Japanese female artist. To bring audience mentally and emotionally bring into the rhythm of the work, each performance begins with an opening ceremony. Visit www.artunionhumanscape.net for more details.
Venue Information:
Links Hall
3111 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60618