Co-MISSION Festival of New Works: Joanna Furnans, Darling Shear

Co-MISSION Festival of New Works: Joanna Furnans, Darling Shear

Sun, June 4, 2017

7:00 pm

Links Hall

Chicago, IL

$10.00 - $12.00

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Joanna Furnans: Genuine Fake
Joanna Furnans: Genuine Fake
Joanna Furnans: Genuine Fake

Performed by,
Elise Cowin
Tia Greer
Alyssa Gregory
Lindsey Lee
Sarah Ellen Miller
Zachary Nicol
Amanda Ramirez

Scenic Design, Christine Wallers
Sound Design, Erica Ricketts

Genuine Fake is a work exploring our tendency to conform or defer to the will of the mass. It’s about expressions of individuality within a group of like-minded peers. It’s about conflicts between group identities and personal identities, and contradictions between what we say and what we actually do.

Joanna Furnans is an independent dance artist based in Chicago. Her work demonstrates a conscious attention to content, form and imagery as a means to express a genuine experience of self and question the status quo within numerous cultural contexts: dance culture, queer culture, post-feminist culture, and contemporary American culture. Her choreography has been supported by the Walker Art Center, the University of Minnesota, the Pleasure Rebel Series (MN), the Chicago Moving Company, Links Hall, and the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. She has performed nationally and internationally in the work of Karen Sherman, Chris Schlichting, Morgan Thorson, Laurie Van Wieren, and Ginger Krebs. For more information visit
Darling Shear: Coeur Enchanté
Darling Shear: Coeur Enchanté
COEUR ENCHANTÉ re-stages famous songs and ballets from 1940/50's classic films. Tapping into this time capsule Shear's ensembles occupies an alternate reality where she takes on the spritely role of instigator, antagonist, and inspiration that drives the ensemble's varied characters to their crescendo.

While the dance work is being created for the stage the process of its creation and performance is being documented by collaborating film maker Diana Quinones Rivera. The Film follows Darling Squire a mixed media post-gender artist in her day to day as she balances life between being a classical dancer and her old Hollywood night life persona Darling Shear.

I am a Chicago Native but I have roots in Atlanta where I started my dance training. I attended North Springs Charter School of the performing arts where I got my training in Ballet, Modern, Jazz and African. I began dancing professionally right out of high school and in that time from 2008 to 2011 I worked with many great choreographers. The highlights for me were working with Bubba Carr choreography/artistic director to Cher for 12yrs and counting, Rhonda Henriksen soloist with Hubbard Street and Twyla Tharp, Tracy Vogt former Philadanco dancer, Hinton Battle the Original Scarecrow from the broadway production of “The Wiz” and Lauri Stallings Hubbard street soloist and founder/artistic director of gloATL. I moved back to Chicago the summer of 2011 to start my company Suna Dance a collaborative artist group and had our first performance in November of 2011. I am a freelance dancer/choreographer in the city and have worked with The Fly Honeys of the The Inconvenience and various other dance troops and was also an apprentice with the Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre.

Diana Quiñones Rivera has been exploring dance and music through her filmmaking since she moved to New York in 2005. Mentored by legendary filmmaker, the late Albert Maysles, Diana has filmed artists and their works inspired by Albert's continuous collaboration with artists of various disciplines all throughout his life. Her dance film, It’s a Feeling, Dancing with Jeff Selby was screened at the Dance on Camera Film Festival at Lincoln Center in 2014 and at the Cinedanse Film Festival in Quebec in 2015. Diana obtained a B.A. in Film and Literature at University of Puerto Rico and a Post Graduate certificate in Filmmaking at London Film School. A new resident of Chicago, Diana is currently in development of a feature length documentary about radical Bomba artists in today's Puerto Rico.
Links Hall Co-MISSION Festival of New Works.
Links Hall Co-MISSION Festival of New Works.
Links Hall is pleased to announce our inaugural Co-MISSION Festival of New Works.
This mini festival will take place annually the first week of June in order to premier new project developed by our Co-Mission Resident Artists. This year’s lineup includes fresh new works by Darling Shear & Diana Quinones Rivera, Jenn (Po’Chop) Freeman, Joanna Furnans, and Jessica Ray. The artists have had the support of three months residencies at Links Hall, monthly stipends over the course of their residencies, as well as workshop support and mentorship to aid in the development of their projects.
Venue Information:
Links Hall
3111 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60618