Sun, June 11, 2017

7:30 pm

Links Hall

Chicago, IL

$7.50 - $15.00

Semi-Circus is pleased to announce their premier performance of Murmurations

Murmurations is an intimate story about empowerment, self-confidence, and mental and physical wellness. The characters portray relatable quirks and foibles, exploring the psychology of social interaction, self-sacrifice, and the give and take of relationship. Though we cover some serious topics, they are approached with a light and playful atmosphere using dance, clown, and circus, including juggling, acrobatics, hand-balancing, and cyr wheel.  Each character must learn how to ask for help, accept assistance, face their fears, and ultimately love themselves. The audience can expect to take something different away from each performance! 

Performed by Emily Drevets, Liam Bradley, Richie Schiraldi and Fiona Bradley. Directed by Kim Campbell.

Semi-Circus is an inter-disciplinary theater company which uses dance, acrobatics and physical theater to augment the power of story-telling. We aim to use the transformative power of contemporary circus as an expressive tool to discuss socio-political issues and to address the challenges that modern humanity faces.Semi-Circus’ mission is to produce lively contemporary circus that asks big questions about politics, society, culture, environment, economics, war, and all of the factors that shape the human condition. Semi-Circus began in 2016 as a contemporary circus collective. We wanted to offer Chicago’s talented circus artists the opportunity to create meaningful artistic works together as a close-knit team using partner acrobatics, dance and theatrical elements.
Emily Drevets
Emily Drevets is an actor, writer and improv comedian with a background in physical theater. Her journey in improvisation began in San Francisco where she was on two house teams at local theaters before moving to Chicago where she’s continued training in the Second City Conservatory, ComedySportz, and The Annoyance. She attended Boston University and majored in international relations but her heart was hijacked by comedy. She is also a triplet.
Liam Bradley
Liam Bradley is a juggler, a trampoline wall jumper and an acrobat who has been known to dance, act and do improv comedy. Liam currently trains and performs with the Actors Gymnasium Teen Ensemble. He also teaches circus arts in Chicago. He has performed at showcases and street shows and corporate events. When all else fails, he can play drums with his feet.
Fiona Bradley
Fiona Bradley is hand balancer, an acrobat, a dancer and an improviser. She has a certificate in Circus Arts from the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne, Australia. Currently, she teaches circus arts in Chicago at several locations. She performs and teaches hand balancing and partner acrobatics regularly at festivals, showcases and corporate events. When not training, she still likes to sleep in contortion poses.
Richie Schiraldi
Richie Schiraldi is a clown, cyr wheel artist, and acrobat. With a BFA in physical theater, he has been teaching and performing professionally for three years. When he isn’t busy biking around the city of Chicago, he can be found in a studio training or creating his next act. Richie has put up several self and ensemble devised shows between Chicago, South Carolina, and Arezzo, Italy, and has performed at several festivals and events as a strolling performer. He also teaches Circus and physical comedy to kids after school through CircEsteem and The Actors Gym.
Venue Information:
Links Hall
3111 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60618