Meridian Trio, Makaya McCraven Solo

Record Release Show for "Triangulum"

Meridian Trio

Makaya McCraven Solo

Sat, June 10, 2017

8:30 pm


Chicago, IL


This event is 18 and over

Meridian Trio
Meridian Trio
Meridian Trio features Chicago based-musicians Nick Mazzarella on alto saxophone, Matt Ulery on bass, and Jeremy Cunningham on drums. Mazzarella, the group’s leader and composer, formed the ensemble in 2014 to play a steady monthly gig a​t a club in Pilsen, the south side neighborhood where he lives. That engagement​ lasted three years, ​during which time the ensemble ​develop​ed​ a ​tight-knit musical rapport and a ​repertoire of original ​material, ​written by Mazzarella​ ​
specifically for the group and its personalities.

Mazzarella’s compositions for the trio draw upon the traditions of both avant-garde and modern jazz through a synthesis of free improvisation, interval-based improvisation, modalism, elements of the blues, swinging grooves and other cyclical rhythmic structures. The common thread unifying these components is a strong melodic sensibility shared by the players, formed and continuously refined ​by​ ​regular ​performance​s.​

Tonight’s concert celebrates the release of the trio’s first full length ​album, Triangulum, on Clean Feed Records.​ It features live recordings made in January 2016 during a month-long residency at the Whistler in Chicago, and captures the trio at the culmination of two years of growth and development.

Nick Mazzarella - alto saxophone
Matt Ulery - bass
Jeremy Cunningham - drums

"[Mazzarella is a] student of jazz’s deep history and a freedom seeker unwilling to let rules hold back expression."
– Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

​"​A meridian is also defined as a zenith, apex, or a highpoint – for me, a justly appropriate declaration for this most exciting group – as I believe they represent the MERIDIAN of the Chicago and UNIVERSAL creative communities from which they emerge.​"
– Jeff Parker​

Photo: Miguel Patino
Photo editing: Damon Locks.
Makaya McCraven Solo
Makaya McCraven Solo
Since moving to Chicago in 2006 from his Massachusetts home, McCraven has embedded himself into the busy local scene, quickly establishing himself as one of the city’s first-call sidemen, thanks to his innate musicality, ceaseless invention, “unmistakable versatility” (in the words of one critic). He had a banner year in 2012, highlighted by his featured performance in the “Made In Chicago” series at the prestigious Pritzker Pavillion at Millennium Park; by his emergence as the regular drummer in the trio led by guitar great Bobby Broom; and by the release of his trio album Split Decision.

McCraven has toured nationally and internationally, and has appeared on many records as a collaborator with artists from one end of the musical spectrum to the other, gaining accolades and awards from the press, music lovers, and musicians. A young veteran who has spent years developing his artistry, working with jazz legends as well as hip-hop pioneers, McCraven now ushers in a new era of jazz with his peers, bringing new sound to venerated traditions. With the Makaya McCraven Trio, the future is now.

“This is music made by a 21st century man who sees no need to suppress his hip hop chops or rock spirit in an effort to fit in and be dubbed a jazz drummer.” (Dan Bilawsky)
Venue Information:
3111 N. Western
Chicago, IL, 60618