J e l l o

J e l l o

Mon, May 1, 2017

7:30 pm

Links Hall

Chicago, IL


J e l l o is a new dance series started by the innovative Jessica Cornish and run by Tuli Bera & Carla Gruvy

This will be the fifth installment of the series and curated by Erin Kilmurray.


Samantha Allen

Jessica Miller Tomlinson

Laboratory Dancers

Kristina Isabelle

Joe Musiel

Courtney Mackendanz

Ennis Martin

Aurora Tabar

Honey Pot Performance

Every artist is given video documentation of their work. This series provides the space for artists to show revisted work, new work or works-in-progress!

Want to show at the next j e l l o? Just make sure to attend and sign up for the next one!

Want to curate your own j e l l o? Just attend and sign up!


Erin Kilmurray
Erin Kilmurray
Erin Kilmurray explores the separate turf of dance studios and nightclubs in her projects with The Inconvenience and The Fly Honey Show. In Search Party, she raises the stakes by combining them, taking us on a gradual slide from the intensity of an intimate performance to the joy of an immersive dance party.
Venue Information:
Links Hall
3111 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60618