Live to Tape: No News

General Admission tickets are $15 at the door

Live to Tape: No News

Fri, May 22, 2015

7:00 pm

Links Hall

Chicago, IL

$10.00 - $12.00

NEWS is supposed to come from the four cardinal directions. The constituents ring in, the weather is reported with real live rain, the whole thing starts and ends with names. All you have to do is act naturally. Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 3, Camera 3, the world arrives in starts and stanzas. Every house is filled with representatives.

Featured Artists:

Kera MacKenzie / Andrew Mausert-Mooney - Performance

Tyrone Davies - At the Commercial Break She Started Screaming

Videofreex - Video Games

Videofreex - Taping of Video Games (excerpt)

Ximena Cuevas - Tombola

Jesse McLean - Somewhere Only We Know

Damian Lebiedzinski - Snowball Diatribe

Lori Felker - Broken New

Shehrezad Maher - Dimensions of a Fish

Andrew Filippone Jr.- 'Charlie Rose' by Samuel Beckett

Chris Little - Life During Wartime is a song by the Talking Heads

Marisa Williamson - Talk Show

Andrew Mausert-Mooney
Andrew Mausert-Mooney
Andrew Mausert-Mooney is a Chicago-based artist working with 16mm film, video, performance and television. Andrew’s work has showed in festivals, galleries and exhibition series around the world including the American Film Institute, CineVegas, Chicago Underground, Gallery 400, Pleasure Dome and Other Cinema. He received his MFA from the University of Illinois-Chicago in the Spring of 2012. Currently Andrew is a co-director and station manager of ACRE TV, an artist-run livestream tele-vision network (
Kera MacKenzie
Kera MacKenzie
Venue Information:
Links Hall
3111 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60618