Tea Project: Tea Engagement

Tea Project: Tea Engagement

Special Guests Aziz Haq, Ash Kyrie, James Yee, Ben Thompson, Kathy Kelly, Sarah Ross...

Sat, April 16, 2016

7:00 pm

Links Hall

Chicago, IL

$0.00 - $50.00

Free | RSVP Required

With special guests Aziz Haq, James Yee,Kathy Kelly, Tom Ginsburg, Poetry by Warrior Writers, Sarah Ross, and more.

Tea Engagement
Tea Engagement
Tea Engagements are a cabaret of first person narratives, music, new poetry works paired with a Poem from Guantanamo, guest speakers, legal activism, academic talks about detention, war, love. Guests will be invited to sit at small tables and sip tea throughout the event.

With special guests Aliya Hana Hussein, Baher Azmy, James Yee, Kathy Kelly, Larry Siems, Poetry from the youth group Fresh Expressions, tea prepared in the Pakistani tradition by Sadia Nawab and Seemi Choudry, and more.

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Special Guests Aziz Haq, Ash Kyrie, James Yee, Ben Thompson, Kathy Kelly, Sarah Ross...
Aziz Haq, Ash Kyrie, James Yee, Ben Thompson, Kathy Kelly, Sarah Ross, Tom Ginsburg, poetry by Warrior Writers, tea by Michael Rakowitz, and more

Ash Kyrie: A veteran, artist, activist , and co-chair of the National Veterans Art Museum. Kyrie was deployed to Iraq with the Wisconsin National Guard in 2003. After service, he completed an MFA from the Ohio State University. Kyrie's political work informs and complements his art, whether solo or in cooperation with the Dirty Canteen veteran artist collective.

Aziz Huq: Teaching and research interests include constitutional law, criminal procedure, federal courts, and legislation. His scholarship concerns the interaction of constitutional design with individual rights and liberties. He served as Senior Consultant Analyst for the International Crisis Group, researching constitutional design and implementation in Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka.

Ben Thompson: Served at BCCF on Forward Operating Base Abu Ghraib in 2004-2005 as a compound guard. After returning to the United States, he participated in a documentary which examines the state of US detention in operations in Iraq through the eyes of two of his former prisoners.

James Yee: Former US Army Chaplain and graduate of West Point who served as the Muslim Chaplain for the U.S. prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. After being officially recognized twice for outstanding performance, Captain Yee was arrested and imprisoned for 76 days in September 2003 while being falsely accused of spying, espionage, and aiding the alleged Taliban and Al-Qaeda prisoners. He was held in solitary confinement and subjected to the same sensory deprivation techniques that were being used against the prisoners in Cuba that he had been ministering to. After months of government investigation, all criminal charges were dropped.

Kathy Kelly: Peace activist, pacifist and author, one of the founding members of Voices in the Wilderness, and currently a co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence. As part of peace team work in several countries, she has traveled to Iraq twenty-six times, notably remaining in combat zones during the early days of both US-Iraq wars. Her recent travel has focused on Afghanistan and Gaza, along with domestic protests against U.S. drone policy.

Michael Rakowitz: An Iraqi American Artist, best known for his conceptual art displayed in non-gallery contexts. He is an associate professor at Northwestern University. Michael Rakowitz conceptual art is deeply political and focuses mostly on the Middle East namely Iraq which is where his family fled from.

Sarah Ross: An artist who works in sculpture, video and photo. Her projects use narrative and the body to address spatial concerns as they relate to access, class, anxiety and activism. Sarah also works collaboratively with other artists on projects such as Compass (of the MRCC), Regional Relationships, Chicago Justice Torture Memorial, and Prison and Neighborhood Arts Project.

Tom Ginsburg: Focuses on comparative and international law from an interdisciplinary perspective. His books include Judicial Review in New Democracies (2003), winner of the C. Herman Pritchett Award from the American Political Science Association; The Endurance of National Constitutions (2009), which also won a best book prize from APSA; Constitutions in Authoritarian Regimes (2014); and Law and Development in Middle-Income Countries (2014)
Venue Information:
Links Hall
3111 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60618