Tea Project: Tea Engagement

Tea Project: Tea Engagement

Special Guests Tauseef Akbar, Ben Thompson, Aliya Hana Hussain, Baher Azmay, James Yee...

Sat, April 2, 2016

7:00 pm

Links Hall

Chicago, IL

$0.00 - $50.00

Free | RSVP Required

Tea Engagement
Tea Engagement
Tea Engagements are a cabaret of first person narratives, music, new poetry works paired with a Poem from Guantanamo, guest speakers, legal activism, academic talks about detention, war, love. Guests will be invited to sit at small tables and sip tea throughout the event.

With special guests Aliya Hana Hussein, Baher Azmy, James Yee, Kathy Kelly, Larry Siems, Poetry from the youth group Fresh Expressions, tea prepared in the Pakistani tradition by Sadia Nawab and Seemi Choudry, and more.

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Special Guests Tauseef Akbar, Ben Thompson, Aliya Hana Hussain, Baher Azmay, James Yee...
Tauseef Akbar, Ben Thompson, Aliya Hana Hussain, Baher Azmay, James Yee, Kathy Kelly, Larry Siems, Poetry from the youth group Fresh Expressions, and tea by Sadia Nawab and Seemi Choudhry, and more

Aliya Hana Hussain: Advocacy Program Manager for the Guantanamo Global Justice Initiative at the Center for Constitutional Rights and travels to Guantanamo regularly to meet with CCR's clients. She also works on the issues of drone killings, profiling and spying on Muslim communities, and accountability for torture and other war crimes.

Baher Azmy: Legal Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights. He directs all litigation and advocacy around issues related to the promotion of civil and human rights. While a Clinical Law Professor, Baher represented Murat Kurnaz, a German resident of Turkish descent imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, until his release in August 2006.

Ben Thompson: Served at BCCF on Forward Operating Base Abu Ghraib in 2004-2005 as a compound guard. After returning to the United States, he participated in a documentary which examines the state of US detention in operations in Iraq through the eyes of two of his former prisoners.

Fresh Expressions Poets: Sadia Nawab, Katie Marciniak, and Jasmine Wells.

James Yee: Former US Army Chaplain and graduate of West Point who served as the Muslim Chaplain for the U.S. prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. After being officially recognized twice for outstanding performance, Captain Yee was arrested and imprisoned for 76 days in September 2003 while being falsely accused of spying, espionage, and aiding the alleged Taliban and Al-Qaeda prisoners. He was held in solitary confinement and subjected to the same sensory deprivation techniques that were being used against the prisoners in Cuba that he had been ministering to. After months of government investigation, all criminal charges were dropped.

Kathy Kelly: Peace activist, pacifist and author, one of the founding members of Voices in the Wilderness, and currently a co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence. As part of peace team work in several countries, she has traveled to Iraq twenty-six times, notably remaining in combat zones during the early days of both US-Iraq wars. Her recent travel has focused on Afghanistan and Gaza, along with domestic protests against U.S. drone policy.

Sadia Nawab: Generously offering her family tea recipe for the April 2nd Tea Engagement, Sadia, through her work as Youth and Arts Manager at the Inner-City Muslim Action Network, is coordinating poets from CommUNITY Café and Fresh Expressions, which are productions of socially conscious artists that connect a diverse array of communities and celebrates the rich storytelling, music, movement and visual art of urban and folk cultures throughout the world.

Seemi Choudry: Nicknamed "SeemiChai" by her family, one of Seemi's favorite past times is to make and serve tea. A child of Pakistani immigrants, Seemi was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and is deeply committed to community development and empowerment.

Tauseef Akbar: Research Coordinator at CAIR-Chicago and also Web Content Director with Justice For All/Burma Task Force. He studied Arabic and foundational Islamic disciplines in Cairo, Egypt at the Al-Fajr Institute, affiliated with Al-Azhar University. He received a BA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Chemistry at North Park University. He is slated to receive his MA in Islamic Studies from American Islamic College at the end of the year. His research work has primarily focused on Islamophobia and demographic trends within the Muslim American community. As a researcher he has worked with leading Muslim organizations and was also a past consultant to Georgetown Univesity's Bridge Initiative for the study of Islamophobia. He has written and been published on the topic of Islamophobia, the War on Terror and the genocide against the Rohingya Muslims in various news media outlets including The Diplomat
Venue Information:
Links Hall
3111 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60618